Saturday, July 14, 2018

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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Before you toss out all your old stuff. You may want to earn extra income by starting to scrap metal. I had to laugh I went to visit a friend once and he had a bunch of metal..I knew right there and was his TOP SECRET hustle :) The beauty of this hustle is that most people aren't willing to put up with picking up "dirty items" while others laugh all the way to the bank. I am a bit of a hunter... I love research, searching all that stuff. I haven't tried my hand at scrap metal but I would be open 
  (IF ONLY.. ching, ching)

if only my hubby would let me! Regardless ... I know plenty of scrappers and I since I love to give anyway, I am more than happy to pass my scrap along to them. If you are scraping long enough after awhile people will actually start recommending you to their friends. This is such a great hustle because pretty much all you need is a truck of some sort and some land to toss it on until you grow your gig. No overhead (except for the trash, gas and land). Do your homework.. as some towns may have rules and you may have trouble and your neighbors may gripe and complain. Your town could  demanded to get rid of it all at once. Know your rights, You need to learn the metals and value. You also may want to learn how to take some things apart and sell excess things like cords, motors etc.. on ebay or similar sites as well. 

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Enjoy Chocolate #PRODUCTREVIEW


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The picture doesn't even do these chocolates justice. Absolutely gorgeous and the taste is WOW!! A beautiful corporate gift or for that someone special. We tried these and were just WOWED . As a business executive I say buy these to close those deals. As a Mom I would say start buying these to give your father, father in law, grandma, etc.. for Birthdays and Holidays !   Beautiful and special. Please share this post as a favor to me to help spread the word as I know many people will be happy to find this product!

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Monday, July 9, 2018

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

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Friday, June 29, 2018

How I got rid of ants forever and it's SAFe!!!! #FREEBIES

Image result for ants in the kitchen

I stumbled upon this trick by trying to come up with a solution to get rid of bugs in my fruit tree. I had a nest building in my apple tree and I didn't want to put chemicals on it.  I first sprayed the nest with vinegar it did work somewhat , so I thought let's get more extreme I grabbed  HOT SAUCE s I splashed hot sauce on the tree they were gone and never returned... (knock on wood) .. Now the ants.. I  had a few ants every spring and since I found it worked for the fruit tree I said let's try it on these ants. I splashed  Hot sauce all over my counter etc.. for a few days it looked crazy but guess what? They never came back not even the Next year! I even splashed some behind the stove. I left it there and would watch them - I saw the ants avoiding the hot sauce and just kept putting it down so they would have no way to pass. (A fun activity for the kids) When they realized they couldn't get to the water the sink - They had  no way to the water -  they left FOR GOOD! It was well worth it to put behind my faucets and around my sink and yes even a little on the floor. I cleaned up the mess and no more ants! 

  Prayer it's always free! And works!

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Monday, June 25, 2018

My nephew saved me from having rabies..and YES I got the shots! #FREEBIES

Vaccine-preventable diseases include: Cervical cancer Cholera Diphtheria Hep B Influenza Japanese encephalitis Measles Mumps Pertussis Pneumonia Polio Rabies Rotavirus Rubella Tetanus Typhoid Varicella Yellow FeverImage result for vaccinations

The rabies shots are expensive but free for those in need.
Image result for bats in chimney

About 15 years ago this happened to me... I woke up one morning and had two big holes in my hand I brushed it off as I owned my own business and was forever opening boxes. I went to visit my nephew Brandon about a week later and he looked at my hand and said that doesn't look like a cut that looks like a snake bite! I realized we had seen a bat around and was worried. We actually had a bat fly right through our bedroom and we noticed a mark on my son too. Why didn't we feel the bite? My doctor said because their teeth are so sharp we didn't even feel it. I went to get my shots and the nurse said you are going to die because it was a week later after I got the bite. In talking to the health department they told me that the virus moves very slowly. The bats were coming in through our chimney. We hadn't used it in a while and when we lit a big fire it looked like a scene from batman so many flying out! Because of the fact that 3 people were in our home and there were bites we automatically were required to get rabies shots and trust me we wanted them! The good news is it wasn't a big deal except we did have to go back 3-4 x's for the series of shots. It wasn't this painful thing we had heard about. The other big deal was they were very expensive but they were free because the state covers the expense which is why I wanted to share about this. Don't panic if you have a encounter call the health department - don't wait call right away and don't panic about the bills. My best advice is to go in right away and don't wait. Some people have concerns about vaccinations I guess I am pro and am happy to not have the flu etc.. and the costs for some is great as it is so worth it not to miss work and to pay for other medications to stay well in the long run you are probably saving big money just taking care of yourself!

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